About NorthConnex

  • What is NorthConnex?

    NorthConnex is a new nine kilometre tunnel that links the M1 Pacific Motorway at Wahroonga to the Hills M2 Motorway at West Pennant Hills, saving up to 15 minutes in travel time per trip. 

  • How will the local community benefit from the project?

    NorthConnex will deliver significant benefits to local communities by easing congestion and removing up to 5000 trucks per day from Pennant Hills Road. This will help improve safety, benefit local air quality and reduce traffic noise.​

  • What are the benefits for motorists?

    Motorists will be able to travel from Newcastle to Melbourne without a single set of traffic lights, reducing travel times for motorists and delivering state and national freight efficiencies. They will bypass 21 sets of traffic lights along Pennant Hills Road, and as alternative route to the city can bypass up to 40 sets on the Pacific Highway.

  • How long is the tunnel?

    The twin tunnels are both nine kilometres long each.​

  • What is the tunnel clearance?

    The NorthConnex tunnel has a clearance of 5.1 metres high.

  • Will the in-tunnel lighting cause a distraction for drivers?

    The tunnels have been designed to keep drivers alert and focused through gentle curves in the road and changing visual displays. As one of Australia's longest tunnels, the unique lighting features have been installed to keep drivers engaged as they travel. ​

    The lighting features were informed by a research partnership between Transurban, Transport for NSW, The University of NSW and AustRoads. Similar tunnel features are best practice and have been used on international tunnel projects such as the Norra Lanken Tunnel in Sweden. ​

  • Where are the new cycleways and how do I enter or exit them?

    There are more than 4km of new and improved cycling routes delivering safer, more connected riding around NorthConnex.​ Find out more

Using NorthConnex

Safety in the tunnel

  • What happens if I break down in the tunnel?

    NorthConnex is a next generation tunnel with the latest technology and safety features to detect any issues or incidents. If you do break down in the tunnel, please stay in your car and help will only be a moment away. 

  • What if there is an incident in the tunnel?

    NorthConnex has over 750 CCTV cameras, providing 100% tunnel coverage. If there is an incident which stops the traffic from moving, our traffic control room will assess the situation and implement an appropriate incident response. ​

    Digital radio break-in communication and public address systems enable the Operations team to directly communicate with motorists, providing them with important safety messages such as letting them know that assistance is on its way.​

    In the case of an evacuation, cross passages are located every 160m along the tunnel.​

  • What if there is a fire inside the tunnel?

    There is a water deluge system capable of releasing thousands of litres of water per minute to suppress fires in addition to two tunnel support facilities with emergency smoke extraction systems.​

  • How quickly can the incident response vehicle turn up to an incident inside the tunnel?

    We have two staging areas at either end of the tunnel where our incident response vehicles will be parked to rapidly respond to any incident inside the tunnel.​

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