Motorway Operations Centre

The Southern Interchange, at West Pennant Hills, is home to the Motorway Operations Centre. 

Staff at the Motorway Operations Centre monitor and maintain all our tunnel services and systems to ensure they are running safely and efficiently. The Motorway Operations Centre includes the Motorway Control Centre, the Southern Ventilation Facility and the Maintenance Yard.

Motorway Control Centre

The Motorway Control Centre (MCC) at West Pennant Hills is the nerve centre of NorthConnex.

There are around 850 cameras keeping an eye on the tunnel operations, with 750 in-tunnel and the rest on approaching roads, and throughout our permanent facilities.

Our highly trained operations team monitor traffic from the state-of-the-art Traffic Control Room inside the MCC. They work closely with the NSW Traffic Management Centre and other motorway operators across the network to ensure our customers are informed and can plan their trip with the latest traffic advice.

On any given day, around 30 staff will be working from the MCC.

Southern Ventilation Facility

The Southern Ventilation Facility is located at the corner of Pennant Hills Road and the M2 Motorway. This is one to two ventilation facilities which will be monitored to comply with some of the most stringent environmental approvals in the country.

The in-tunnel air quality will be constantly monitored and measured. Air quality data is publicly available online

Water Treatment Plant

The Water Treatment Plant treats the water that is collected in the tunnel. 

All natural-ground water and water from large rain events will be captured and pumped to the water treatment plant where it is treated and then released to the stormwater system.

The Water Treatment Plant can treat water at 40 litres per second prior to it being discharged.

Maintenance Yard

The Maintenance Yard is the home of our Incident Response and Maintenance teams. Workers, vehicles, tow trucks and emergency equipment is stored at this location.

 Newly completed NorthConnex offices at 610 Pennant Hills Road West Pennant Hills. T

Newly completed NorthConnex offices at 610 Pennant Hills Road West Pennant Hills. This is home to the Motorway Control Room as part of the Motorway Operations Centre complex in the south.