Information for Contractors, Developers, Third Parties

NorthConnex values safety and is committed to Zero Harm policy. To ensure that we maintain a safe environment for our customers, staff, partners and contractors, there are strict permits and protocols in place for accessing the tunnel, site facilities or lands.

All vehicle dimensions and weights must be suitable to travel in the tunnel.

How to access NorthConnex?

You will need to apply for a NorthConnex Authority to Access (ATA) to access NorthConnex. This involves three steps – register your company, get inducted, and apply for, and submit the permit.

1: Register

Individuals who require access to NorthConnex are required to first register by logging in to our Operator’s (Transurban) Permitted portal, and complete Site Readiness (online induction and qualifications verification).

Inductions for individual workers

Once an individual has completed the Online Induction and uploaded Qualifications, their profile will be verified within 5 business days. Then they will be Site Ready and able to apply for a Permit.

If you are unable to find your company within the system when completing your induction registration, please contact your Company Representative.

2: Apply for a NorthConnex ATA

Once registered and fully verified you will be able to log in and apply for an ATA.

3: Submit

Once your ATA application has been submitted, it will be reviewed by our Operations team (Transurban). Please allow up to 10 business days for reviews to take place. If you edit your ATA request after submitting this will reset the 10 business days lead time. Please ensure you capture all information upfront when submitting your request. 

Reference Guides

To know more about these steps, watch short videos or view reference guides go to Applying for an ATA in Permitted (Australia) on the Transurban website. 

Road Occupancy License (ROL) and Traffic Management

Companies and individuals must obtain their own road occupancy license (ROL) for the safety of workers, travelling public, pedestrians and cyclists. They must engage their own traffic control for any planned work on NorthConnex lands, including ramps or adjoining roads and mortorways.

All traffic management plans (TMP) or traffic guidance schemes (TGS) must be certified and submitted for review and approval with ATA applications.

Developer and Landowners

Developers and landowners working on projects and properties adjoining NorthConnex land, may request information or ask for a technical review of the impact of proposed works, in advance of a development application. Developers and landowners may need to consult with specialist advisors and should conduct their own investigations including Dial-Before-You-Dig.

Consulting our Stakeholders 

Depending on the nature of work proposed, NorthConnex may request a meeting or consult with relevant stakeholders. The team may seek further information about the works before approving work in the tunnel, site facilities or lands. NorthConnex recommends contacting our operational team as early as practicable in the planning stages of any contractor works, to ensure all requirements can be met and to minimise the potential for any delays.

Contact NorthConnex

For further information about accessing NorthConnex, please contact us via email.