Information for Contractors, Developers and Oversize/Overmass Heavy Vehicles (OSOM)

NorthConnex values safety and is committed to Zero Harm policy. To ensure that we maintain a safe environment for our customers, staff, stakeholders and contractors, there are strict permits and protocols in place for accessing the tunnel, site facilities or lands.

All vehicle dimensions and weights must be suitable to travel in the tunnel.

How to access NorthConnex?

To access NorthConnex you will need to apply for a NorthConnex Authority To Work (ATW). This involves registering your company, getting inducted and applying for the permit. 

Please refer to steps 1, 2 and 3 below.

Step 1: Register your company

Register your company with Permitted and include the following details:

  • Company name
  • Company ABN
  • Contractors – attach current Public Liability (min $20M) and Work Cover Certificates.

Once company registration details are received, NorthConnex will issue an email with a company username and password to login to our online system.

Step 2: Inductions

Inductions for individual workers

Once company registration is complete, individual workers can log in using the company username and password where they will need to carry out an online induction. 

To log in to the online system, you will need:

  • Company ABN
  • A valid work email address and mobile number
  • Upload proof of identity, copies of work tickets and qualifications

Individuals will need to complete both an online induction and a face-to-face session. Information about the face-to-face induction will be sent by email to the individual once the online induction has been completed.

OSOM Heavy Vehicle go to Step 3.

Step 3: Apply for a NorthConnex Work Access Permit

Once steps 1 and 2 are complete, workers, companies, contractors, operators and OSOM heavy vehicle operators can apply for a NorthConnex Authority To Work (ATW). NorthConnex uses an online electronic system to review and approve ATW applications.  Applications must be submitted in our online electronic portal, no less than ten [10] business days prior to any proposed works, access, or OSOM travel, being carried out. 

An electronic application for a NorthConnex Authority To Work (ATW) must include times, dates and locations, details of activities and work methods statement, and evidence of insurances.

OSOM Heavy Vehicle Access Request

Registered transport companies can email us to apply for access, and must submit:

  • Start and end date and times for travel through the NorthConnex Tunnel 
  • Route (in and out of tunnel, ramps)
  • Load dimensions (height/width/mass/weight/spacings)
  • Transport for NSW NHVR Permits
  • Traffic Management Plans
  • Anticipated travel speed
  • Contact details

NorthConnex will contact the registered applicant to coordinate movement through the tunnel.

Transport Companies should contact Sydney network motorway operators (Hills M2, Transport for NSW, Westlink M7) as required by their permits. Failure to notify motorway operators may result in denial of access or delay to the load.

Visit Transport for NSW for information on OSOM classifications, permits and vehicle movements

Road Occupancy License (ROL) and Traffic Control 

For the safety of workers, travelling public, pedestrians and cyclists, companies and individuals must obtain their own road occupancy license (ROL) and engage own traffic control, for any planned work on NorthConnex lands, including ramps or adjoining roads and motorways.

All traffic control plans (TCP) must be certified and submitted for review and approval with work access permit applications.

Developer and Landowners

Developers and landowners working on projects and properties adjoining NorthConnex land, may request information or ask for a technical review of the impact of proposed works, in advance of a development application. Developers and landowners may need to consult with specialist advisors and should conduct their own investigations including Dial-Before-You-Dig.

Consulting our Stakeholders    

Depending on the nature of work proposed, NorthConnex may request a meeting or consult with relevant stakeholders. The team may seek further information about the works before approving work in the tunnel, site facilities or lands. NorthConnex recommends contacting our operational team as early as practicable in the planning stages of any contractor works, to ensure all requirements can be met and to minimise the potential for any delays.

Contact NorthConnex Operations

For further information about accessing NorthConnex, please contact us via email.