NorthConnex is the missing link in the National Highway route, connecting the M1 Motorway in Wahroonga, to the Hills M2 Motorway by twin nine kilometre tunnels. It is built to the highest safety standards with systems and equipment that make it a next generation tunnel.

NorthConnex delivers many benefits for the community and environment, including:
Up to 5,000 trucks per day off Pennant Hills Road
Deliver improvements to local air quality
Return local streets to local communities
Up to 21 traffic lights bypassed
Up to 15 minutes of travel time savings
Better and more reliable trips for people, businesses and freight

NorthConnex design

The NorthConnex twin tunnels are around nine kilometres in length with two large 3.5 metre lanes with an additional break down lane in case of an incident or emergency.

The tunnel generally follows the alignment of Pennant Hills Road but without the sharp corners and hills. This makes the journey faster, safer, more reliable and more efficient, reducing operational and maintenance costs for motorists.

NorthConnex by numbers

90 metres

Australia's deepest tunnel

$3 billion

Transurban and the M7 Shareholders have invested approx $2B with contributions of $577.3M from the NSW Government and $412.3M from the Australian Government

9km long

Making it one of the longest tunnels in Australia


Vehicle capacity per day

5.3 metres

Height (with 5.1 metre clearance for vehicles)

60 metres

Average tunnel depth

17,000 people

Worked to deliver NorthConnex and over its lifetime have created 8,700 jobs for NSW

Delivered by

Transurban and the M7 Shareholders in partnership with the NSW and Australian Governments, constructed by the Lendlease and Bouygues joint venture