Motorists can take a trip through the $3 billion NorthConnex tunnels without leaving their home via a series of new innovative driver experience videos.

‘NorthConnex vision’ uses drone and dash cam footage to simulate the actual journeys motorists can expect when NorthConnex opens in the coming weeks.

Federal Minister for Population, Cities and Urban Infrastructure Alan Tudge said soon Sydney motorists will reap the benefits of this mega-project each and every day that they travel to work, and home.

New South Wales Minister for Transport and Roads Andrew Constance said, we want to show drivers how they can use Sydney’s next underground motorway before it opens to traffic.

“Whether you’re a Central Coast commuter, a family planning their next Hunter Valley holiday or a truck driver making a delivery to Blacktown, these videos show exactly how you can safely reach your destination by using NorthConnex,” Mr Constance said.

Eight videos have been developed to show the various entry and exits, giving motorists a ‘behind-the-wheel view’ and the opportunity to explore the tunnels and plan their journey before putting their keys in the ignition.

The real-to-life videos demonstrate how drivers can safely enter and exit the tunnels, merge points, lane configurations as well as the various connections NorthConnex provides to the existing road network.

The driver experience videos can be viewed on the NorthConnex website, where drivers can select their preferred trip.

View the videos here