M1 Pacific Motorway Widening
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Extensive work is being carried out on the M1 Pacific Motorway to ensure a seamless journey for motorists entering and exiting the NorthConnex tunnels or accessing Pennant Hills Road. 
Compounds have been stablished at Pearces Corner and Junction Road to facilitate work.

Pearces Corner

One of three Canary Island Palms at Pearce’s Corner, where Pennant Hills Road meets the Pacific Highway at Wahroonga, has been relocated to ensure the historic trees remain a local landmark for many more years to come. An 80 tonne crane was used to lift the tree from its original location next to Pennant Hills Road to its new position five metres away.

The tree will be carefully monitored and cared for while roadwork continues. To read more click here.  

Canary Island Palm Tree being moved by a crane

Project status

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