Hills M2 Integration
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Construction of the NorthConnex tunnel involves modifications to the Hills M2 Motorway west of Pennant Hills Road. These modifications will enable southbound traffic from the NorthConnex tunnel to merge safely with westbound traffic on the motorway. To facilitate work, the following changes are in place on the Hills M2 Motorway:

- two westbound lanes are operating between Pennant Hills Road and Windsor Road, with buses using the general traffic lanes;

- a reduced speed limit of 80km per hour in this section of the M2;
- temporary night time reduced speed limits and lane closures both west and eastbound may be in place;

- cycle access has been temporarily removed from the Hills M2 between Pennant Hills Road and Windsor Road and a detour has been provided.

Temporary construction facilities are required to support the integration work, including bridge work and lane widening on the westbound side of the Hills M2 Motorway.

All these construction facilities will be removed, landscaped and/or rehabilitated when the Hills M2 Motorway integration works are complete.

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